Well, I shouldn’t still be up, but between duncan parking meters, new friends (I hope they’ll be my friends anyway) dropping by, and other misc things going on..

I’ve posted seven clipped tracks from me + Tory + Alex’s jam session:

What genre is it? Fuck if I know 😉

Also, a new one from me + Esen:

So far this one has 4 votes for ‘disturbing’. Tomorrow I’ll post about why I’m proud of this.

I may have to start backing this stuff up.. startin’ to get some good sounds. I really dig Tory’s keyboard chops and fills, and Alex has the beats in him, though he’s still fighting the 505 to let them come out. [They will, tho]

Also, and I’m unduly proud of this, the beat on track 7 is me! [The cool keyboard riffs are Alex]

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  1. anonymous Says:

    I like it. It’s half over as I type. It’s pretty, and a little strange. I’m sorry; I don’t find it disturbing. I did find it a little jarring when the deep voice first came in.

    Not that I know anything about music

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