I didn’t blow myself up, even.

Well, for those of you who didn’t know, I’m doing lighting for a party on Saturday. This required me to get out my generator and test it, which in turn required convincing the EV to move. Since large subsystems were not installed in it, this sounded like a Big Job.


Four hours of screw turning, and the main contactor closed with a delightful ‘CLUNK’. Backed it gingerly out of the driveway, then pulled out the genset. Crossed my fingers, said a few prayers to the gods of mechanicals, and flipped the switch to ‘on’. Fuel pump went ‘whhrrrr..rrr…rr..’. Flipped the switch to ‘start’. Crank..crank..crank… and then it roared to life.

Wow. Guess it’s a pretty good generator. Stored for two years, starts in two cranks. Not bad. Settled right down to 60hz, too.

However, having done all this work on the EV, I just had to know.. so I took it for a spin around the block. At first I was little-old-ladying it.. but then after a trip with no problems, I had to find out, so I mashed the pedal to the floor.

WOoooOOOHOOOOOO! The batteries gave up their electrons quite merrily, and I was pressed back into the seat until the V/F fell off at about 5500 revs.

Those Evercells have some life in ’em still, for sure 😉


P. came over last night, and we nuzzled and I felt rather more missing her than I have in ages.. she’s going to come stay for a week I think maybe.. I think she understands clearly what my problems with our relationship were, and that she doesn’t intend to repeat them. Or at least I hope. It was good to see her.

Hope this doesn’t end in disaster..

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  1. jcurious Says:

    being the curious person I am.. I”m quite curious as to what the issues were…

    feel free to email direct or whatever…
    or not at all 😉

    best wishes

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