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First of all, a story that will be giving me chills for weeks:

Second of all, I discovered this story while reading through a community devoted to LJers who have died. Which is a interesting thought.. apparently LJs time out these days, so you won’t be able to read about my thoughts and works forever, which is perhaps a good thing and perhaps just as well.. but if you could, then LJs would make a neat permanent archive..

Third of all, while reading through that community, I discovered a whole lot of people pissed off because of a journal-person who had maintained a fake charicter in order to kill it off. That person’s journal was also deleted.. (after s/he got 1000+ comments and outpourings of greif..)

Look, first of all, I’m getting tired of reading about how people’s LJs are deleted because they perform some infraction of the more or less nonexistant and/or loosely defined T.o.S. – to be honest, I’m starting to have a hard time trusting LJ – but second of all, there’s absolutely no reason that journal should have been deleted. At least it should have been left as a testiment to a brilliant snow job. It must have been astonishingly good fiction in order to garner 1000 comments on the last page – my journal will be lucky to get ten!

And, really, maintaining a fictinal LJ seems just as reasonable as maintaining a factual one. A journal’s just a notebook.. scribble anything you want. Doesn’t have to be the story of your life.. could be the story of someone else’s. Could be the story of the life you didn’t manage to have, walter mitty style. What’s the problem here?

Personally, I think it’s deplorable that Flash/Flashman’s journal was deleted. It’s even more deplorable that a admin of some BB that the charicter was on saw fit to abuse their admin privs to publish IP address information ( about the charicter. Look, it’s the net, fiction is out there, no journal was promised as fact.

Of course, I have a strange view of fact and fiction and death of fictional charicters anyway. Let’s just say that I am upset when fictinal charicters die as well.

Fact? Fiction? Who knows the difference?

Not george bush, that’s for sure.

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    I have thought of starting up a fictional life journal. Of course, I wouldn’t advertise it; that would be the beauty of it. I haven’t yet had the time to work on it.
    But I wonder if I could manage anything more complicated and rare than my own life.

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