My journal says I’m 54% feminine.
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54% feminine.

Hmm. As with all things, I sit squarely on the line between genders. Which isn’t a bad place to be particularly.

I survived my extended family.. even enjoyed being around a couple of them. [I discovered that the children of my favorite great-uncle are just as cool as he was – I guess that’s not suprising. I still miss him sometimes.. ]

(For those of you who don’t know me personally, every year my extended family on my dad’s side has a holiday called ‘Thanksmas’. I’ve avoided it for years and years, very carefully – since my extended family on my dad’s side don’t have a lot to reccomend them. And they were mostly just as bad as I remembered – of course, they still don’t think much of me either. They were glad to see me anyway, though, even though they think I’m a commie left-wing pinko longhaired freak.. 😉 My favorite quote from the visit: “Jonathan, you know you’re a little too late to be a hippie, right?”. No, no one told me that peace and love and weed had gone out of style.. 😉

Anyway, so, I went to south carolina and back, and more-or-less survived the experience – my first time there in 13 years, it’s amazing how much their house had shrunk. Perspective is a interesting thing. I also remembered Clemson, SC as being a huge city.. heh heh heh…

And now I’m back at work on the parking meters that just don’t quit. P. wants to borrow the living room for a party on friday, so I also have to drag the piles of boxes, packing material, computer components, and old mail out of it, which should be interesting and time consuming.

In other news, I figured out how to control my lights via MIDI and audio, and have been having all sorts of fun with them. I need to get one more tree to set up the two more I-scans, and perhaps pick up one more laser.. (if only the blues weren’t $3000). Still, they look really, really sweet.

And I’ve collected a ton of samples.. some of which are truly priceless. I’ve also been editing some of the recordings me + ron made, and have one pretty close to presentable..


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  1. goamaki Says:

    just kidding. 😛
    %54, that’s pretty good. I’d say most guys these days are around that…at least the ones I know. Way more “in touch” with their feminine side than our dads were/are.
    you hippie.

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