The apple

So, in Genesis it’s often spoken of how we got thrown out of the garden for consuming a particular bit of fruit. Interestingly, this fruit is describe as “the knowledge of good and evil”. That sounds a awful lot like religion (at least, religious adherents certainly seem to *claim* that they know what good and evil are, perhaps in fact they know better than the rest of us)

Could it be Christianity *was* the apple? That we’re forcing the apple down our children’s throats even as the text of the bible, in the very beginning, underlines the fact that we shouldn’t actually be trying to know what good and evil are? (That in fact, knowing them might bring them to life in our minds in ways that are particularly hard on our existence not to mention our ability to enjoy ourselves?)

I mean, I will admit, I’m hostile to religions. I believe in at least one and possibly many higher powers, I believe in all sorts of “religious” things, but I hate the religions I see and would rather not have anything to do with them. It finally occured to me that I don’t in fact have to read *any* religious texts, so I stopped. Gave up searching them, because there was too much noise and too little signal and it frankly *hurts my head* that *most of the people in this country* believe this.. horrible stuff.

I won’t waste my time, or yours if I actually have any readers left that aren’t bots, enumerating. You either already agree with me or you won’t hear me or won’t understand what I’m saying, so, what’s the point. I’m moving on.

How does one uneat a apple? I feel tainted by the texts I’ve read.. I’d describe them as unclean, with a lot of toxic ideas. I think I’d describe the God of the bible as

A) Someone who regularly abused their powers. No, it’s not moral because you’re all powerful.
B) Difficult to believe. Not at all congruent with my experience of reality. My experience of reality suggests if we do have a god or gods, they’re good people or at the very least indifferent to us.
C) A really unhealthy set of things to believe in. Remembering my thesis that the connection between what you believe and what you experience is a bidirectional one – that your beliefs form resonant filters that shape your experiences – do you want to believe God would casually make a bet with a angel and torment a guy because of it? And you think you should WORSHIP this guy? Destroy the entire world via water (changing all sorts of physical constants to suit his whims) and then promise not to destroy the world again *that way*. (I’ll come up with something else next time). And these people describe this guy as being *LOVING*? Maybe in a dysfunctional the-kind-of-love-that-destroys you way. But that is not love as I know it.

Wish I could just type DELETE FROM BOOKS_STORED_IN_MEMORY_OF_SHEER WHERE Book_Title LIKE ‘%Bible%’ and be done with it. I suspect (as does Neil Stephenson I would guess) that the book is a neurolinguistic virus. It tells people “Make copies of me and tell your friends about me or they’ll go to hell” and “Don’t change me”. And people oblige. And then it disables their ability to think rationally, to change their minds, to create probability chains, and (my guess) to communicate in any way with their higher power. (It certainly contains the belief that God can’t talk to you because his voice is so powerful it’d kill ya. Yah, way to be all powerful, God!)

I think I’ve talked before about how astonishingly little faith Christians have. Abortion murders.. because God never figured out how to build a hypervisor, or how to make life hypervised so that he could casually only connect souls to bodies that are going to make it. Our religion is the only way – because this all powerful being who is also supposed to be incredibly loving couldn’t have possibly thought of the fact that people are different and need different paths to the light. I could go on for a while, pointing out the many, many ways that religion tends to put the people it’s about (Gods, angels, etc) in incredibly small and I’m fairly sure incredibly inaccurate boxes. My thesis here is that religions tend to be written by black hats, for their own reasons. (personal gain, power, that sort of thing) and that if we had any common sense, we’d realize that you can learn about all sorts of spiritual concepts *without religion*. In fact, the tendency of religions to disable a previously functioning mind really makes me think that if we want to see a lot of great things happen, maybe we should exterminate them from the earth like the damaging virii they are.

Except we can’t. The only way people are going to get better from this disease is one at a time, by thinking it through as individuals. It’s like Sting says.. Men go crazy in congregations, they only get better one by one.

I actually think this is a remarkable description of how I feel about Christianity. It’s like a disease. Now I suppose there are those who would say that it actually makes people happy, that they’re more complete believing in it. The problem is, I have no way to know. I’ve only got a sample size of one – me – and it’s really really really bad for me.

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  1. sheer_panic Says:

    On the list of “Bumper stickers I would like” : Everything I know about abusive relationships I learned from the God of the Bible.

  2. Steve Seman Says:

    You and I have traveled vastly different paths. These paths have mingled a couple of times. I have looked at many religions including Christianity (how I was raised). I agree with much of what you have posted above. I do believe that every myth, story, etcetera has a grain of truth. Using this logic, the City of Troy was found. There seem to be only 2 things that all religions have as common beliefs, (1) there is some form of higher power and, (2) there is some form of life after death. These are the only 2 spiritual things I can believe without proof…

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