One percent

So, I wanted to write some about one percent, because I think a lot of people think it’s about something completely different than it’s actually about, and also in the hopes that perhaps I’d draw some attention to the existence of Fraud In France, who really seem to get the short end of the stick, web hits wise.

First off, a link to the track:

Fraud In France – One Percent (from practice 21CN)

And the lyrics:

One percent got the money and they have all the rights
Two percent we put in prison for trying to put up a fight
Three percent aren’t sure where their next check’s coming from
Four percent are terrified of everything under the sun

Us and them, you and me
One is the lock and the other is the key
Us and them, you and me
Does our world have a future
(Will we ever be free / To be or not to be)

Tweedledum and Tweedledumber are vying at the polls
Five percent are indifferent, we all know how that goes
Six percent think the president gonna solve all their woes
Seven percent think the president is a wolf in sheep’s clothes


I’m not a number, I am a free man
They tell me nothing, I find out what I can
Some people say that this is all part of the plan
That’s small comfort when the shit done hit the fan


Okay, so, a explanation. The song is actually about the folly of breaking people into different groups and thinking you’re part of one group and not part of another – about the extreme isolation that can come from thinking you’re not “part of” or he (whoever he is, be he a billionare or the bum on the corner, a politician or a saint) isn’t “part of” – about why we shouldn’t divide ourselves into focus groups and factions when there are things that affect all of us that we should address as a whole, and about thinking you and me are not so different, even though there may be some radical differences in the choices we are making or the circles we are flying in.

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