Song idea..

The rhyming is loose and clutzy, the melody simple and the chord progression amatuarish. But still, I think I may record this one.

The blinding pain of unknowable truth
The searing heat of a feedback loop
The bitter spin of a full chase lock
The white hot fear before you drop

Dominos is not a game we play for keeps
Dead or alive, I’m still losing sleeps
The terrible feeling when you can’t say no
Hearing the engines whine, machine out of control

Scanning the world for your guiding light
Looking for love and kindness and things set right
Weakness catches you buying again
When all else fails, change yourself, old friend

They were selling happiness, but you bought too much
Now you sit here with mind and body turned to rust
And ask yourself fearfully, how much will come back
Rub the coppery dust off the old dirty track

But under that rust still sits a path of steel
And once your will has a way, the power you’l feel
Ask not how much of the light at the end is real
Real doesn’t really matter anyway

One day at a time
One step after another
Words plodding rhyme
Father and mother
From the beginning of memory
To the end in dispair
Find places to change
Until you find yourself there

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