I have no idea why, but even though I’m tired and headachy, my body hath decided to awaken and has refused instructions to sleep further. So, looks like it’s 7 am and I’m awake.

I may fight back with one of my favorite drugs for this situation: coffee. It may not put me back to sleep, but at least it’ll put me togeather into a imitation of a man. Only problem is, my coffeemaker’s been dirty for a year now. Hmm. I could walk up to the donut shop, but what if Kayti awakened to find me gone.

Leave a note? Where?

I hate this situation. THe right thing to do is probably to wake her to tell her I went to get coffee, but then what if *she* can’t get back to sleep..

I think I’ll leave the office door closed with a big note on it. That oughta work. Or, of course, I could just forgo the coffee. Maybe I’ll put the matter up to a vote on Brig.

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  1. goamaki Says:

    sometimes I wish I could slap you silly, so you’d CHILL THE FUCK OUT! hehe. In a nice way. 😉

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