On the WinAmp side, I’m a defector. While I will still probably use winamp when I want some visualization eye candy, for most audio playbacks I’m now using DeliPlayer 2. I got it because WinAmp wouldn’t open some of my favorite MODs, but it has a lot of good behavior that winamp doesn’t have. Unfortunately, it’s a audio only player, but it handles many things far better than WinAmp.

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  1. jcurious Says:


    it’s open source and cross platform…

    What else do you need?

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    Winamp plays a lot of mods. Not all. Really, they should just be converted to mp3 for maximum portability – we’re not under the space/bandwidth constraints of the 386-days, and interoperability is becoming more important than high performance, in my mind.

    Plus you can control it via the web (with wawi) and write wget .BAT files to paus the music from any computer in the house. I guess that’s not that special, but i did like pausing the music at home from work … infra-red remote control AND logging of tracks online to last.fm is great too…. and EvilLyrics !!

    EvilLyrics works with many media players, but only with Winamp+Milkdrop can it actually cause the lyrics to be displayed IN YOUR VISUALIZER, as they are sung. this is really cool during parties.

    also: milkdrop @ 1920x1080p is freakin’ awesome on a 52-inch LCD HDTV!!!!

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