I don’t think I’m oscillating wildly any more. I have hope that whatever happens, things will work out and be okay. I have friends. I can see multiple possible future paths for me.

Now I have to load up the van and move my sound system down to Segway, then work my ass off and hopefully have NO M(ORE HEADACHES!


2 Responses to “Okay..”

  1. goamaki Says:

    GOOD LUCK! and thanks again…for all your help.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Only Suggestions:

    * Follow the guidelines on the paperwork they gave you and have a follow-up appointment with a doctor that can prescribe you something to treat those massive headhaches and perhaps recommend a good physical therapist to massage your muscles. If there’s ever a time to see a professional 😉 🙂

    * When you make an appointment, previous medical records such as the spiffy CT-scan and the initial treatment and ER evaluation will be a time saver for both you and whomever you see. Even if it’s just a physical therapist to give your body a warm comforting touch.

    Good luck on your work this weekend!
    Sending Love and Good thoughts your way.

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