From LoveSHack’s fridge..

Dance like there’s no one watching
Love like you’ve never been hurt
Work like you don’t need the money
Follow your bliss

From a business card:

Dress like a rock star
Love like a porn star

From sheer’s mind:

Life is to be lived wide-open-throttle. Don’t sit there watching TV.

P. is a bit of a book snob, I realized today during a discussion about The Bridge Across Forever (A book my sister keeps telling me I must read, that I haven’t quite gotten around to yet but I’m determined to squeeze in this month). I’m not much of a anything snob.. well, there are limits to what level of shlock I can put up with.. for example, My Big Fat Greek Wedding = too much. Most things with Meg Ryan = too much. Danelle Steel = WAY too much.

But for the most part, pour the media on me! I mean, look at the cheesy fluffy trance that I *love*

I have no taste. Really. But I don’t mind. 😉

2 Responses to “From LoveSHack’s fridge..”

  1. amberite2112 Says:

    you MUST read that book!! and the other one, called “one”.
    no excuses! read them! you’ll be a better person for reading them, i promise.

    {by the way – its corwin}

  2. brassratgirl Says:


    point 1, it’s my calling to be a book snob! point 1a, dude, look at who I grew up with. It would be a miracle if I wasn’t a book snob. point 2, I never said anyone else couldn’t read it! Yay for intellectual freedom. I will even collect it & put it in my library for YOU to read. Yay for book budgets! point 3, Powells categorizes it under “metaphysics/self-help” (
    which is a section I typically avoid like the plague. Personal taste, that’s all.

    I became much more of a snob after I calculated how many reading hours I could reasonably expect to have in my life, and how many books that added up to, and after figuring out just exactly how big the bibliographic universe is, which is something that library school is very good at teaching you. (And yet, despite this, there’s room for Dan Brown et al. It boggles the mind.) 😉

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