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‘Feather of a Dream’
Wheels of Autum

High as a kite
and I don’t think I’ve felt this way before
long crazy night
feels like everything is stuck togeather
since when are there two moons up in the sky?


and my mind keeps on barely learning about all there is to know
as the world keeps on twirling, whirling..
along a path that’s headed straight into the sun
there’s more than one
the wheel has spun

Ali Baba and the golden snake of wonder
in a basket by his side, the ruler of Islam
Ali Baba and a sitar made of thunder
on a carpet high up in the clouds

Feather of a dream
feather of a dream
feather of a dream, of a dream

[return to verse]

Might as well fly
Feels like i’m floating but I’m sitting down
like a pillow wrapped up in a wall of sound
No need to try
trying’s always being done and if you want too long you’ll never get to run




[10 minutes of jam]

A feather of a dream
dreams or real or so it seams
love is but a mystery like a feather of a dream (repeats 3X)

Seriously, if you like Grateful Dead, you should check out those tracks. I realized after listening to Dead and Phish that

a: Phish isn’t really as much like the Dead as I thought
b: These tracks are much more like Grateful Dead than Phish – in fact, I swear Headlights’s jam session sounds exactly like a Dead jam session. (Although, as Kayti points out, the Dead were first, which makes them special)                

(this track is at )

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