Getting rid of old gear..

So, I’ve been steadily craigslisting off redundant and excessive hardware.. we moved from a 1500 sq foot house to a 1200 sq foot house, and that 300 sq feet somehow ended up all as stuff in my garage.. so as I craigslist, I can slowly see the amount of space in the garage increasing. What’s tricky is to know what I will and won’t regret selling – some things are obvious, like the Studio logic keystation 88 pro – memorable mostly because I used it as a master controller for two shows of MC, and also because I really, really hate it. Unfortunately, so does everyone else, so even though I’m selling it for half the new price and including a hardshell case, no one has yet bought it. Part of the problem is that I have to answer honestly when they ask if it will be good for (for example) practicing piano. About the only thing I think it’s good for is someone who wants to play synth lines in Reason or something similar – frankly, I’m amazed at the thing’s ability to suck. However, since I can’t make myself throw it out, this means I may be stuck with it until the end of time… *sigh*..

However, there are things where it’s far less clear whether I should craigslist them.. I have two electric guitars – a fender squire and a Jackson dinky reverse.. I don’t really like the Fender that much.. but it was my first electric guitar, and when I took it out to photograph it, I just couldn’t make myself put it on craigslist. Ditto with my Roland guitar-style keyboard – I will never need it unless I actually play in another band that does stage shows, which doesn’t seem that likely – still, it was *hard* to get, a special order item, and I really don’t want to sell it off. Ditto that MIDI pedalboard – I can’t play organ pedals with my feet very well, and I never have enough space to really set it up.. but there’s always that dream of learning..

I’m a horrible packrat. I’ve finally convinced myself that if I’m not using a peice of hardware, and I could easily buy it later, I should sell it – I’m *out* of space, and I really need to lighten my load.. I’ve been deliberately pricing stuff low in the hopes that it will move fast, and some of it does and some of it doesn’t.. many of these things apparently only I think are incredibly cool (like a 12U 8-stereo-channel summing mixer)

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  1. anonymous Says:

    I’m the same way. I can’t handle it. It’s like some sort of torture. *MY* idea of cool is very often unique too, so that doesn’t help me find loving homes. My apartment though is like 2.3sq ft, so if anyone should be reducing it’s this crap-rat.

    I try… But some day, when I have a good audio setup again where would I get a classic, “ancient” heathkit osciliscope to use for random geeky visuals?! Hey, do you want any old amiga stuff? 😛 I still have my commodore vic20 but – I can’t find the power supply…

    So much crap… But not crap! Wonderful things! ..tooo meeeee

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