More on intelligent design

The russians kept humans in space stations for over a year. They suffered no ill effects.

This speaks strongly towards the human body being a broad-purpose design. If it was truly shaped by nothing but evolution, it would not be likely to be shaped for either free fall or some of the very high accelerations that are experienced both in spaceflight and at six flags, and it would very likely stop working correctly.

Of course, when I look at our bodies, I see signs of design of the exact same type I do every day. I see DNA manifesting as running code, and I still think it likely that we are also hypervised so even the proteins are a type of running code. To me, it’s silly to have a system that *is* intelligent, and argue against intelligent design. Whatever symbols you want to attach to the idea of God, whoever you want to posit as the designer, I think the intellectually honest must acknowledge the most likely explanation for the bodies we wear is that a intelligent designer fabricated them. I think anyone will acknowledge that it’s *possible* that you could get to them by randomly throwing dice, over and over. But It does not, to me, seem *likely*. As soon as you build a brain big enough to write code, evolution seems like it would quickly take the back seat.

In short, I think the evolutionists are denying large chunks of data in order to hold onto their pet theory. That doesn’t mean I don’t think evolutionary algorithms haven’t been used in the design of our bodies. But they are far from the whole picture, in my opinion.

One thing that frustrates me is how it sometimes seems like people only concede two possibilities.. a remote/external to us/out there somewhere God, or evolution. It seems to me my hypothesis is by far the most reasonable.. that the intelligent designers are *us*. Why does no one even discuss this possibility?

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