another interesting thought

This is a thought that struck me the other day. I know that the scientists among my readers will scoff, and I don’t blame you, but it’s a interesting idea to let rattle around your head for a few minutes nonetheless.

It’s generally assumed that the vast majority of stars have no life surrounding them. When we look up at the sky, we don’t usually think about the possibility that every single light shines down on civilization. However, the current rules of the universe as we understand them make it very difficult for us to be aware of whether there is or is not life surrounding most of those other stars. Given how recently we acquired radio capacity, and also the extreme difficulty of getting a radio signal any appriciable distance, it’s possible that *every single star* has life on it.

Since I think we’re hypervised anyway (i.e. I think that our experiences happen within a ‘virtual universe’ container in order to save resources and also enable a much more flexible set of experiences for us) I’m not sure if it’s a meaningful discussion, but nonetheless, it’s a interesting thought to think about..

What if every star has life?

I would think that the religious would be especially in favor of this idea. If there is a God, clearly said being has a real *thing* for diversity (I’d gesture you to the variety of life on earth, and the variety of types of stars, and types of people, and types of religions, and so on, and so forth). Why would they think that life was only created *here*? Why not *everywhere*?

If we are hypervised, and our scientists are discovering about the rules of the hypervisor rather than the ‘bare metal rules’ of the universe so to speak, then it would seem clear that a number of aspects of this universe are designed to keep us away from other stars, at least for now. Maybe we’re working out how to go about first contact.

Of course, in my view, first contact has already happened. Dogs and cats and elephants and all the variety of mammals around us do think, and make decisions, and communicate. A dog has as much bandwidth to his nose as you have to your eyes! Surely the world must be very different to them, and they are pretty alien. And yet so wonderful 😉

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