I’ve got a lot of hoops to jump through before I’ll even recognize my life as mine.

I got up this morning way too early.. turns out i forgot to take my drugs last night. Well, so, there’s a direct penalty for forgetting my drugs. Will definately be more careful in the future.

OTOH, I did get some things done.

I wrote to Natalie, something I’ve been putting off for decades, it feels like sometimes. Just kind of a hi, this is who I am, this is my address, feel free to ask questions kind of letter. The front of one page, handwritten. Given how horrible my handwriting is I don’t know why I handwrote it, except that it just felt cold to write a letter like that via computer. Future ones will probably be typed.

I asked my mom to mail me my old IBM selectric clone. I forsee filling out many forms in my future and there’s nothing quite like a typewriter for that. Plus it will bring back old memories.

I have homes for all the computers in my house that are sitting on shelves. Now I just have to repair them and mix & match & make them run, and then send them on to their homes.

I am soooo tired..

I faxed the hospital and told them to send my records to my shrink. I called the attorney that Brett reccomended and explained my situation, and got a referral to someone in the Seattle area. I wrote the attorney in Seattle a two-page email roughly explaining my situation.

This weekend I am working on Saturday, and then on Sunday I have to tackle the taxes, a taxing subject to be sure.

I also got a embedded mp3 player compiled in laszlo to work in the safetymate html app. That should ensure audio in virtually all browsers that have any chance of running flash.

I also worked a little bit on MoodMan. Eventually I hope it will be this uber software package that actually predicts what my mood will be tomorrow. But for now, I’m still even working on the UI. My base concept is this:

Three sliders. One for happy/sad, one for calm/afraid, and one for energetic/exhausted. Software logs any time any of the sliders gets moved with a timestamp, and also has a text box for typing some comments about the change just made which logs those comments with a timestamp. Simple easy php & mysql & laz working togeather. Put it on my active desktop. Whenever I feel something emotional, grab the sliders and slide them around. Then graph the results and try to make some sense of them, plus compare them against the LJ language heuristics to determine if the latter are actually measuring anything meaningful.

Day 13 draws to a close. Sheer, signing off.

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