I forgot to clock in this morning, which means I’ve already fixed some safetymate visual problems, read some on FDS, and done a little project for myself.

Okay, so I’m going to mention my little project for myself.

For a long time I’ve run, off and on, a streaming radio station. Sometimes I broadcast other people’s works, sometimes I broadcast my own, and sometimes I broadcast me live

However, it was a icecast stream, and explaining how to open it in six different audio players every time I wanted anyone to tune in was driving me to distraction.

Recently, I did some work for my friend Eben where I set up a mp3 player subsystem for her radio station so she could sell back issues. You can see this at QMs RadioAlchymy site if you’re curious. But, using technology that she brought to my attention, I’ve built a web site with a flash embedded player, so when you open it, assuming you have Flash installed, it just works.

Combined with getting darkice working so I could broadcast MP3 from my linux boxen, this little project now means that I can broadcast on the web from my li’l PC, and you all can tune it in whenever you like.

So check it out, if you’re so inspired.

I also plan to do some scheduled live/jam broadcasts, and broadcast some more Mischief Committee meetings. I will post dates and times just as soon as I know waht the dates and times are to post.

Anyway, I guess I’ve built it up enough, here’s the URL:

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