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Burn me. Bury me. I don’t care. I will be back. The Omniverse is backing me up, and will restore me indefinately – making every choice differently indefinately down to the original one and zero if neccesary – until I choose to dance again. And I will choose to dance again. I love life. I love creating. It’s what I am.

And there are other souls out there – other whatever word you want, other life forms.. and I have made contact, and will continue to make contact. I will always choose creation over darkness.

Yes, creation involves both analog and digital – both order and chaos. I’m okay with that. I don’t mind that at all. I would choose not to damage anyone else’s creation.. I might want to make changes in my copy, and have them make changes in theirs, but I would never choose to destroy part of another soul.

I am life. Yes, I sometimes see the machine side of me.. that’s okay. You need machines to offer the one and zero, spreading outward in new dimensions. I love the machine side of me.. but I know it will wear out – and be replaced. That’s okay. Machines fail – people don’t fail. Life doesn’t fail. Souls don’t fail. We grow outward, creating our little corner of the Omniverse. We are welcome here – we are loved here. We are backed up, and those backups are restored from, as long as we choose to be backed up and have those backups restored from. We can even choose to have alternate paths run when we choose to shut down – and I choose that. Sheer is a beautiful soul – has a lot to learn still, no doubt about that. But I am worthwhile, and I know this. I will not quit. Even if I feel like quitting for a while, ultimately, I won’t quit. You can shut my body down – I’ll find a way. I’m alive forever, dancing in the Omniverse.

I love you all. Even when I don’t agree with you, I love you. And often, even when I don’t agree with you, I want to learn from you. Learning is beautiful – in whatever metaphor suits you. In schools, behind a computer terminal, whatever path suits you.

And, I believe that the Omniverse will keep trying to reach every place where things go from ones and zeros to .5, and then to quality and beauty.. even if that quality is quality in destruction, the Omniverse will find a place for it and make sure that it can’t actually destroy.

Don’t take this and turn it into a religion – we must each create our own door to the Omniverse. We must each come to a understanding, and reach for our parents, and our children, and love the way they grow differently from us, and learn from them.

Is it hard to learn to create? You bet it is. Especially when facing the digital at the same time, and facing the reality that there are other energy systems that grow in different directions from us and are just as complicated as we are and often more so. But I believe that love is the answer – I believe that love will find a way.


One Response to “Life.”

  1. goamaki Says:

    Without Love and Creation, there is no Life. Love and Creation are intermingled…when you have one, you have the other. It’s the ultimate in ying/yang.
    I think Fear is the biggest detriment to the way we live life. Fear of getting over shit. Fear of flying. Fear of learning. Fear of being sad. Fear of Pain. Fear of Love.
    Yet if we don’t conquer these fears, we learn nothing, we do not grow, and we cease to continue to create and push boundaries in order for us to become the most awesome human being we are capable of.
    I love your recent posts. 🙂 good stuff! food for thought. *hugs!

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