Consentual reality?

What does it mean when people’s memories diverge?

Is anything but this current moment trustworthy? I don’t feel like I misremember things, but it seems like my memory and the memories of other people diverge.

Quantum mechanics, according to a movie I just saw, suggests that we could very well live in divergant universes. This is consistant with my experience. As Drachen once put it, ‘reality is just a formality..’ – well, maybe. In general, I’ve found that certain systems follow certain rules, although they may do so because I’ve grown to expect that they will. I find it comforting that the laws of physics work.. except occasionally I wish I could bypass them.

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  1. skotte Says:
  2. cori_chronicles Says:

    what movie did you just see?

  3. firf Says:

    Personally, I dont even find the current moment “trustworthy” since everyone percieves every moment differently. While the creation of the memory of the moment may be flawed, and the ability to properly explain the memory to another will only leave them with a completely new image of the event… I do think that over time, the original storage of the event remains true.

    While it is said that eye witness accounts are the most unreliable, I think this is because people tend to fill in the gaps with asumptions, thereby creating an altered memory.

    The details may get lost with time, but I feel the overall emotional imprint is left forever. Regardless, every moment is collected and used to help create the new you that moves into the next.

  4. goamaki Says:

    well, besides all the quantum stuff, I think it’s just very natural for humans to remember events very differently, even if they were a part of the very exact same event! we all perceive differently, because we come from different backgrounds, with different ways of interpretation. Sometimes I think there’s too much talk and thinking about it all, when people should just learn to STOP. REST. TAKE A MOMENT. That’s why I like doing dishes, or sewing, or stopping to eat an apple while looking at the sun…it forces me to stop, bring myself to the most present moment possible, and just BE.

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