I (heart) dosbox

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon.. a game I’ve always wanted to try out.. runs just peachily. My old copies of Heros Quest run. Everything that I ever ran on a 8088/286 that will no longer speak to me now that I’m on a quad-core 80whoknowswhat86 works beautifully.

Once I get out of my current low-on-cash predicament, I am definitely donating to these people.

It occurs to me to wonder if windows 3.11 would run inside dosbox. Then it occurs to me that trying would be a good sign of a diseased mind. I also had a flicker of wondering if the very obsolete version of Cakewalk – for DOS – that me and Nicka used in our impromptu electronic music class at the New School would run under this – then I could go back and listen to all the music I wrote while I was at the New School.

Um, yah. I don’t think I really want to do that.

Then there’s the Software Toolworks word processer that I used to write so many documents while I was in high school. Let’s see, what other interesting things might be lurking.. I’m not not not going to play Castle Wolfinstien again. I don’t know which would be scarier.. if it completely terrified me *again* or if I was now totally immune to it. Hm. Scorched Earth in it’s original glory! And, of course, I could try and get C&C – the original – to work. Or the original GTA. Hm.. let me go wander into my disks from those years..

Okay, enough slacking, back to work.

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  1. curious Says:

    I hate to tell you, your late to the game:


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