dosbox & telemate

I managed to get telemate to work correctly under dosbox.

This, among other things, gives me a very real simulation of what communicating 9600 baud to a unix machine was like. What’s sick and wrong is that I’m *happy* about this. I mean, like, literally, it’s bringing me actual joy. I can’t explain it.  I type commands and I can *watch* them being drawn. Shortly I may try out pine.. right now I’m logged into brig. There are a lot less people logged in than there were on the talker circuit the last time I talked to one at 9600 baud. I idly wonder if I will actually ever do this again. Still.. it’s good to see that old telemate squished font again.. perhaps I should go fullscreen for the total experience..

oh, wow.. that’s trippy.

Now if only there were a WWiV BBS I could telnet to..

OMG.. I just realized.. and yes, I know the rest of you were there already.. any bbs software would work with dosbox set up in incoming telnet mode. Of course, if it weren’t multi-line, it’d be really annoying to be limited to one user, after the internet we’ve experienced.. but.

I wonder if the backup copies of RoTDS are still any good after all these years? They’re on 1.4 meg floppies, stored in a airtight container.. there’s probably some chance of it..

4 Responses to “dosbox & telemate”

  1. Gauge Says:

    RoTDS, which BBS was that? Was that the one run in Hacker Shack or a different one? Fun stuff. 🙂

    I used to telnet to Topgun BBS for a while until it shut down. Good times, good memories, hehe

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    there are plenty of telnetable BBSes around.. i’d lay money there are ones running WWIV.

    Telemate was the best!@

  3. curious Says:

    Let me know if you bring it back, I’ll defiantly check in 🙂

  4. KillRoy Says:


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