Good clean fun..

Had a fun night with Martin.. 6 hours of misc database parking meter boringness, then we jammed for a couple of hours.. [First with him on guitar and me on the keys, then vice versa.. ], then we played a couple of hours of GTA.. [ahh, the memories.. ]

Felt good to laugh. We’ve developed sort of a tendancy to taunt each other while we’re playing, and it’s just sooo funny. We each won one game.. which I suppose is predictable. I’ll have to dig up STA and C&C so we can play some more strategy-oriented stuff the next time he’s down here.

[Hmm.. it occurs to me that Craig might like video games. Or he might not – how many people who work at a pizza hut enjoy eating pizza, after all?]

Definately have to try and dig up some more real-life-friends. How does one make friends of the real, flesh-and-blood, in the same city persuasion? Should I get a part time gig at the music store? [I wonder if they’d hire me? I’m sure they would if I offered not to charge them.. some other subtle advantages to that, also – chances to play with LOTS of assorted hardware.. ]

I’ve had many other journalish thoughts, but I’m letting them simmer for a while. Martin’s journal package (he’s writing one) has a ‘drafts’ feature.. I like this idea a lot. I guess one can get a similar effect on LJ by marking a entry ‘private’, but it’s not nearly as convenient.

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