Argh? Argh! Ook?

Trying very hard to concentrate and get work stuff done.. my todo list grows ever longer

Laundry for 5 days
Documentation! (must get screen grabber)
Get DLL stuff copied to laptop
Pack 2 laptops, CDs of music, handheld, parking meter, headphones, partridge, pear tree
? install reason on little laptop ?
SEe if P. will stop by every couple of days and check for boxes [canadian customs seems to have delayed my package in shipment.]

Wanted: your samples of yourself. Do you have any funny sayings? Un-funny sayings? Thoughts about the universe, (or life, or Everything?) Record samples in a low noise enviornment and e-mail them (44khz 16-bit mono WAVs preferred) to

Also Wanted: Your favorite spoken-word samples, period. Favorite recordings of comics, movie quotes, whatever. If you have truly large files, contact for ftp space. Otherwise, just e-mail them to

1) The tunnel. (This is going to be a *lot* of work – hopefully a smallish stereo will be as effective as a full PA in terms of making ‘the chord’)
2) Mechanical parking meter in 8 or 9 ways, for rhythm tracks
3) Hard drive array spinning up. [Then we start pushing and pulling on it]
4) 56k negotiation and connect. [So it’s been done before, so what?]
5) ‘This call can not be completed as dialed..’ (I wonder if AT&T has copyrighted this and will then sue me?)
6) Bush being a asshole. [This shouldn’t be hard. Really.]
7) Dan Spisak doing Monty Python. [No, I don’t know how I’m going to do this either. Maybe I’ll invade him with a tape recorder while i’m in SoCal. Good thing he doesn’t read my journal. ;-)]
8) Esen
9) Spoons and chains
10) Okay, so I could only think of 9. That’ll be enough to get me started

Okay, enough with the lists already. I better go download a framegrabber and write some documentation.

Must remember to put out the sunflowers before I leave. Otherwise bad things will happen.

I think I will plant sunflowers next year. Never mind the fact that my thumb is not only not green, it’s not even brown..

Okay, enough slacking. More work! [gets out whip and whips himself] Mush you huskies, mush! mush!

This isn’t working.

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  1. samsarra Says:

    Ok, so there’s one that kills me.

    Somewhere in the basement of WRUW there is this album. My memory says it’s a Brian Eno/Lori Anderson collaboration, but I have looked hard and long and far and have not been able to dig it out of any fan site for either of them, so I could just be misremembering.

    In any case, imagine a recording of a woman speaking a fairly long passage; perhaps 5 minutes. Now play the first second, then the first two seconds, then the first three seconds, etc. It sounds boring as hell, right? In fact, it was as close to tripping as I ever came while not under the influence. because your brain burns out, or at least mine did. After I heard the same series of sounds too many times, I couldn’t hear it any more. It’s as if I started hearing adjacent sounds. While at some level I knew what she was saying, I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what it was.

    It was the middle of the night and I was trying to study in the radio station which was often a dubious proposition and some DJ I didn’t know was playing this, and talking to all of us about it, and it was passing strange. I’ve always wanted to either find the album or recreate it.

  2. jcurious Says: has lots of public domain audio and video… history channel has a nice collection of famous speeches… unfortunatly they are in realaudio… most of the stuff is VERY good quality… the prelinger archives is probably the best copies of 40-50s stuff your going to find… just rip out the audio and have fun 😉 the audio stuff is all lossless btw (though some of the environments they were recorded in aren’t ideal)

    I guess we could throw RMS into the mix…RMS speeches

    if only I knew where the mrs chassot tapes went 🙂

  3. jcurious Says:

    almost forgot to post a link to this tool:

    the company that made it is no longer supporting it.. (they were sued by real)… though people apparently have done some hacking around and stuff… wheee..

  4. jcurious Says: and for your bush needs 😉

    see above program for ripping

  5. sheer_panic Says:

    1) Thanks for all the tips! I’m sure some good will come of them

    2) I still know where those tapes are – and the last time I checked them, they still have signal on them, albiet pretty bad quality signal. But I’m sure _someone_ would sue me.. 😉

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