gender and journal comments

I’ve noticed something odd – all my female friends always have like 10 or 15 comments on journal entries, whereas all my male friends always have like 1 or 2.

I’m pondering if there’s any actual meaning to this, or if it’s just one of those things.

Comment with your opinion. 😉


5 Responses to “gender and journal comments”

  1. l2g Says:

    I’d comment, but you’re a dude, so, well…

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    Is that what it is? Males are afraid to comment on each other’s journals because of the implied gender thing?

    I hope not. That’d be really fscking stupid.
    And besides, I comment on guy’s journals all the time, so what must the world think about me? 😉

  3. sati Says:

    The only time I’ve ever come anywhere near 10 or 15 comments is the engagement. Otherwise, I’m lucky if I get a single comment. Your data seems to be not completely true.

  4. dspisak Says:

    Hmmm my journal has some entries with 14 or so comments.

    Perhaps your friends have a short attention span? I dunno.

  5. sheer_panic Says:

    It’s a trend, not a truism. But I take your point.. 😉

    Thanks for pointing this out


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