bleh and geekery

1) I’ve been deciding that I’m taking this whole ‘never believe anything good anyone says about me’ thing a little too far. Today I was actually contemplating whether a friend of mine actually didn’t like me at all, and merely pretended to. And then I had to ask myself, why would anyone bother? I’ve seriously contemplated whether everything I’ve ever recorded sucks, and people are just telling me it’s good to keep from hurting my feelings. This has _got_ to stop. I mean, it’s striking _me_ as pathetic. Come on, sheer, get a grip here..

2) So I got my mac back yesterday.. and today I hooked everything back up to try a few test recordings with the VoicePrizm. Foolishly, while I was just messing around on the keys getting warmed up, I let it update the operating system. The last step was a reboot, and when it finished that, ‘Your computer has crashed and needs to be reset’ in six languages, upon reboot.

Reboot three times. Same result. Hmm. This is not good. At this point I’m starting to seriously consider going back to the PC.. this was supposed to be painless!

Well, actually, it more or less was.. I pulled down the handy copy of “OSX for unix geeks” (actual title) that P. bought me for my birthday, and looked up ‘single user mode’ in the index. A few seconds later I was watching the console and noted that the reason for the Big Nasty Reset Message was that the module had done something bad and awful and terrible.

So i rebooted without the 896es plugged in, downloaded the latest drivers from MOTU’s web site, rebooted again, and plugged the firewire interfaces back in. All was again happy, and I resolved not to sob into my mouse.

Note to apple: might not be a horrible idea to let us SEE TEH CONSOLE MESSAGES! Yes, I know, you want to be all user friendly and all, but how the fsck are people going to figure out what’s wrong when things break if you don’t let them see the kernel panics when they happen.

Ah well. At least it wasn’t that hard to figure out. I wondre if anyone has compiled a list of all the ‘magic keystrokes at boot’ for OSX. There sure seem to be a lot of them.

And I can’t sing today worth anything, probably as a result of spending a hour singing yesterday in the music store trying out the voiceprizm to decide if it was worthy of spending medium-large chunks of money on. (my final decision: it is. I jokingly call it the ‘Brittney Spears Box’ – because it can make even me sound good. For that matter, it can make me sound like Brittney, which leaves me with the urge to look inside my jeans to make sure nothing funny happened overnight involving hedge clippers..

Once my voice comes back, I will have great fun with this thing.

Still no musicians to jam with. E-mailed mike, he said we should get togeather but didn’t include date, time, or other thoughts of that sort. Left voicemail for Ron again.. maybe he’ll call back, I hope. E-mailed some random people on musician finter services. Maybe I should drive down to guitar center and see if they have one of those ‘musician-finder’ corkboards. Called Lara (mostly to get details of computer stuff) and think maybe I’ve talked her into helping debug my rhythm. Left a e-mail for Patti, no answer.

Am I like really obnoxious or something? Would someone please tell me if so?

Actually, I doubt if I’ll get a answer to that, since by dent of my texas ‘ten page journal entries’ you’ve all probably put me on friend-ignore filters.

At least my mac still loves me. (To quote Hackers, ‘You and me, Lisa!’)

Maybe it wouldn’t be so tempermental if I named it. Lisa strikes me as kind of a good name, actually. Hmm.

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