I just had the strangest craving for Fayetteville, AR, of all places. Probably brought about by trying to remember John’s area code so I could call him (they changed it after I left – sneaky, sneaky – and yes, I found it, via Google Local).

Fayetteville – where my rent was 1/4th what it is now for a bigger house. (Granted, it was majorly lacking in things like right angles.. but…) – I also miss John’s house.. it was very, hm, homey.

Kayti wants  to move to Denver – I’m wondering if it would have Fayetteville-esque charm. It seems like a very similar sort of city (albiet a bit bigger and more cosmopolitan). Part of me is convinced that SoCal must be my True Home because I keep returning here, but part of me is also getting very sick of the down sides – enviornmentally unsustainable, extremely expensive, entirely too plastic.

I always feel a little out of place no matter where I move. One amusing thing – if I lived in Fayetteville, I could pay the bills by working four months a year…

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