Christianity.. or why I’m such a sour puss occasionally…

It’s not that I don’t think Jesus had some good messages – it’s just that I don’t think he had enough of them, and I don’t think that they’re clear enough. If Jesus really was the son of God, I’d think he’d stop by occasionally to update us with the latest suggestions based on the changes that have happened – you know, things like, um, birth control, and, um, there being too many humans on the planet?

There are lots of religions, all claiming to be the ‘one true path’. Christianity actually claims you’ll be tormented for eternity if you don’t believe in their stripe. I know I’m repeating myself here, but, it’s stupid. It’s wrong. And every generation forces it on their children anyway. As far as I can tell, Christianity leads to some sort of strange insanity which makes some of the pure evil of the so-called God in the o.t. invisible to its followers – in fact, makes any data that might lead to concluding that the American Christian Way is in any way less than perfection invisible to Christians… and it certainly seems to make Chrisitans feel that they should be allowed to dictate policy for non-Christians on moral issues which are, at best, unclear.

I really loathe it. Most of all I loathe the absolute certainty with which Christians respond.. oh, yes, we know we’re right. We absolutely should be allowed to control you, and to take away your rights because we think your behavior is immoral or the color of your skin happens to be wrong or we disagree on at what point life becomes life. Why? God told us. Never mind that he won’t talk to you, and that our religion strikes you as sick and wrong. Clearly, you’re the broken ones here because we’ve been saved, it says so in this book here..

And from their standpoint, I’m going to hell – and you think that this is *right* – and nothing I can say will open their eyes, and nothing they can say will close mine. I guess the only solution is to not talk about it – but we live in a country run by Christians, and as a non-Christian I kind of resent that, and on holidays which are mysteriously Christ-centered despite seperation of church and state, that resentment occasionally leaks out a bit and remaining silent is difficult.

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  1. ClintJCL Says:

    “We have no problem with Jesus whatsoever. In fact, we kinda like the guy! It’s his FAN CLUB that bothers us!”
    -Rev.Ivan Stang, Church Of The SubGenius

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    … on holidays that weren’t even Christian to begin with!

    They killed all the cool people, then jacked their holidays. Now they’re trying to kill Halloween, but whine about a War on Christmas… Christ! (pun intended?)

  3. Cygnostik Says:

    I used to be bothered by christians. The flying spaghetti monsters and his followers the pastafarians have put me at ease. Join the cult with noodle apendages!

    …ok, our lord the flying spaghetti monster didn’t help me with the christians. But he’ll still kick jesus’s ass. That little hippy prick.

    But seriously – if their belief is in the book then they must believe to be saved. Of course they know they’re right! If they don’t say that they think they’ll go to hell. Shouldn’t be so confusing to the sane people; they’re just protecting themselves.

    I love self feeding systems like that.

    In my new religion the universe was blast into existence during a fight between a ninja and a pirate in an alternate universe and it was AWESOME.

    The whole bible (to be known as the enchiridion) will be an elaborate puzzle designed to take decades to decode. So that by the time generations of followers are born into this new religion they will find that their purpose in life is to rid the universe of christians. MUAHAHAHHAH!!!!!! Better to kill all christians than to burn in hell for eternity (where by burn in hell I mean a burning desert where you’re force-fed a constant stream of feces from all manner of horrible creatures, including human, for eternity).

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