More movies with P. – and assorted travel-related drama. Her grandfather is, if not actually dying, then at least somewhere beyond seriously sick, and so she is going to see him, and I’m going too because I work for her aunt sometimes and there’s some unresolved business on the table I need to deal with..

So that should be interesting, though it makes me most unhappy to miss two band practices.

Oh, hey, actually halfway-produced track @ – Lara, you might like it, it’s pretty close to psytrance..

My voltage tripler just made my problems three times as large. Must take another stab at this from a different direction. Think problem might be low recovery rate of crappy radio shack diodes.

This track actually is pretty cool.



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  1. heidianna Says:

    I hope P. has a nice visit with her grandfather.

    Gonna check out the tunage.

    I don’t know whether to pet you, give you a treat, or what. :>

  2. heidianna Says:

    Wow! That is an excellent song! Great work, Sheer!!! Pass it on to the others!

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