as a side note..

The other thing I did this weekend was provide sound for a party of P.’s classmates.. which mostly meant pushing about 20 watts worth of lounge music.. I just brought the madisons and the li’l 10″ Yamahas.. however, as cleanup rolled around and my stomach was about to turn at the thought of still more lounge music, I dropped in my favorite Paul Van Dyk album and pushed the master fader up.


For such light/cheap speakers, those madisons sure move some air. Before long, the twenty or so remaining librarians, fueled by Mac-n-jacks in copius amounts, are doing the funky chicken.. it was a beautiful sight, I tell you. Even with no bass bins, you could feel the kick of the snare.. and I was still a long way from redlining. One li’l amp. I think I may have to trade in the Fender tops for some more madisons – and I’m _definately_ trading that mismatched stack of Yamaha and AB/TEch power amps for some more of the Crown PX700s.. I mean, not only are they powerful, but the Px700s are _light_. Like, tuck it under your arm light – not bad for a kilowatt and a half of very clean sound..

The other neat thing about the madisons is they’re trapizoidal cases – so you can nest three of them to make a good multidirectional main stack for voice.. or stagger them for wikked stereo imaging for music

Must.. throw.. underground.. fluffy.. music.. epic.. trance.. party.. for the remaining six fluffy happy trance fans in Seattle. [There are six of you, right? Right?]

[ANyone know a good venue? Preferrably one where the cops aren’t likely to come by.. My plan is to fund the whole thing myself, with a total out-of-pocket of ~$500, and have it free.. hey, free is good.. ;-)]

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