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So, I’ve completed my most recent project, only to discover it won’t work in WinCE, even though it works beautifully in unix. This apparently has something to do with the Embedded VCE linker being the most braindead beastie on the planet.. even though I’ve generated a valid DLL by anyone’s standards, whenever I try to link to it I get LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file (aka I have no idea what to do with this file, you want me to glue it on?)

Whenever I try to statically link using the .lib version, even worse things happen. Like, when the DLL gets loaded the application hangs in system calls unidentifiable.

(tears out hair)

3 Responses to “628”

  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    This picture is scary. Bad bad picture!

  2. goamaki Says:

    what a horrible meme…hehe. Mine was something like “going, back again, going, etc.” Must refer to reincarnation or something. That’s cool.
    I hate thinking about death…so much of my time has been wasted in doing so, neglecting my friends, being selfish, and only worrying about myself. I still struggle with it, but everytime I start pondering it again, and panicking, I realize that I’ve just wasted yet again, hours of my precious time, that I could be spending with friends or talking to someone. If life is so short, why spend most of it thinking about death?

  3. goamaki Says:

    I took the quiz again, and it gave me a different answer. NEVER TRUST MEME’S! HEHE.

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