Well, I haven’t exactly been writing much in livejournal. There are a number of reasons for this..

1) Various of my friends have expressed concern about the detail level I include in my journal about their lives, thoughts, or actions. I am going to make a greater attempt in the future to segregate posts into private, secured, and public as per the wishes of the people being posted about. If you are someone who is concerned about me posting about you and who hasn’t yet approached me, please contact me. In the meantime, I will attempt to err on the side of caution in terms of talking about relationships and individuals.

2) I’ve been extrordinarily busy unpacking and working and moving and stuff. I still haven’t managed to unpack my studio although I’m hoping to make some progress in that direction today.

3) I just haven’t really had that much to say, I guess.

Me and Kayti had thanksgiving togeather – we made stuffing and rolls and uncanned cranberry sauce and gravy and had a microwave turkey breast. It was pretty tasty.

I had a really disturbing dream last night. I was seated in the witness box of a courtroom, and the judge asked me what my final verdict was on God and I said that *e was evil.

I really don’t like to think that way, and I don’t really think that it’s true. I don’t think whoever’s in charge around here is perfect (as some people would claim) but I don’t think they’re actively evil either. They may have bad days…

so it was disturbing. Not quite as disturbing as the dream two nights ago where I threatened someone with a knife, or the one before that where I went off on someone who was the same gender as I am for asking me for sex.. (apparently I am homophobic in my dreams).

In general, my dreams lately have been pretty disturbing.

It rained here this morning.. I almost felt like I was waking up in Seattle or something. It seems to have stopped now though. Luckily yesterday one of the things I did was hook a 12v charger up to the remains of the EV and roll the windows up. (I’m still awaiting a replacement inverter, or at least a verdict, from Metric Mind)

I’m feeling rather sad right now, and I really can’t identify why.

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