But what about me?

One thing that’s really frustrating for me is that I don’t feel like my friends are pulling their weight for me as much as I am pulling it for them. I paid two people’s rent this month. And I certainly don’t want anyone getting evicted. But I would like some idea that my friends are doing *something* to further *my* dreams:

Worldwide goals:

1) Everything for everyone – a end to money as a limiting factor in the lives of people
2) A end to abuse of authority and power. No more parents breaking their children. No more cops shooting citizens. No more politicians starting wars.
3) A end to irrational fear – certainly not a series of systems that perpetuate it, which is what we have now.

Personal goals:

1) Real life friendship with $person
2) Music career
3) Lucid dreaming, of sufficient quality to be able to experience things like controlled flight with accelerator data (Look, when I go into a dive, I want to FEEL it, caprice?)

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