One more thing..

My best theory at the moment is that God is *us*. That we built this universe, and that we’re in fact inside some sort of hypervised experience. However, if I’m wrong, I challenge God: Come down here, in person – as long as you don’t use weapons on us I am absolutely fine with you being totally invulnerable – and give us a religion that doesn’t suck.

I should warn you my standards for ‘doesn’t suck’ are high. If you can read my mind (and you’re welcome to, whoever you are, if you have the tech, please do!) you know how I define heaven. The heaven in both major world religions is *pathetic*. Given access to a big computer system connected to my mind and infinite time, I could do so much better. And I’m one tiny li’l inconsequential dude.

I think it enormously telling that I get a lot more out of going to a church if I don’t speak the language.

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  1. sheer_panic Says:

    Don’t get me wrong.. If God does turn out to be something different from us, I want to be pleasantly surprised by h*. But I think it might be really, really foolish of us to think there is someone that’s not us in that role. Also possibly disempowering, limiting, and perhaps even the only reason we don’t live in a utopia right now.

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