Trump continues the lie

So, I just watched a video obviously done by quite a skilled propaganda house that continues the lie that Trump won the election, and pushes every God and Country button possible while also dog-whistling incredibly hard for armed insurrection on the 20th.

Just as I feel comfortable (and keeping in mind I’ve dug directly through voter data from several states) saying voter fraud is not statistically significant – it happens, but it’s hundreds of cases out of millions, inadequate to change the election results) – I also feel comfortable saying the majority of people are against Trump and I think most people recognize the awfulness he stands for.

So, what we’re seeing here is the conservative minority – in, I suppose, the typical conservative mindset of “white males should rule the world” and “we are Gods Chosen People and should be allowed to force anyone we want to do anything we want” – trying to enforce their will over the either independent, sane, or liberal majority.

I grant Trump’s tactic is very effective – because apparently despite the many lies that have been neon-sign obvious – like “COVID will go away” – there are people who still believe everything he says – so when he says “They cheated and stole the election from me”, a bunch of not very bright people believe him. Unfortunately, some of those not very bright people have guns or know how to make bombs.

Will the USA survive this attack? I don’t know. I still think the appropriate reaction for republicans is deep shame. I have no doubt that if they do succeed in creating a revolution in order to empower their violent minority over the majority that would prefer peace and prosperity, we will all suffer for it.

And I have no doubt that the majority of Trump supporters are well-brainwashed by traitors to the human race (fox and friends, rush limbaugh, breitbart – all these people have brought us all down and reduced the prosperity and happiness of the system as a whole so they could enrich themselves – it would be interesting to know what percentpage of them know they are lying and what percentage have just lost any grip on objective reality) and have shown the inability to tell fact from fiction. I think we may need to have some sort of criminal charges that can be brought against politicians who lie in the future.

I do think any of the people who are claiming to be Christians while they plan to get out the guns and shoot at their fellow citizens because they are angry that they lost a election or they are delusional enough to think *every one* of 60 different courts where lawsuits about the election were heard are controlled by the mythical “deep state” should understand that they are not anything that Jesus Christ would have endorsed. He might throw the money lenders out of the temple – but the side you’re cheering on *is* the money lenders, and I also doubt a lot he would say “shoot at your neighbor because you don’t like his political views”

I think Jesus was pretty much all about sharing. Collectivism, in other words. Trumpanzees, of course, think there’s nothing more scary than socialism.

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