So, I think I’ve mentioned my theory that if Trump is associated with any member of the christian pantheon it would be Satan. This is pretty obvious – the extreme egoism, the constant lying, the willing to take his point of view to the most destructive and extreme ends if it will get him a win, all very reminiscent of the tales we have been told about the devil.

Another good argument for that is how much he’s brought us all down. Beyond taking America out of treaties signed in good faith, making us the laughingstock of the world, and repeatedly insulting our allies, he’s also turned brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. He’s encouraged white supremacists and Christian supremacists, and encouraged hate and violence and discourse of the worst kinds. Remember any of these quotes?

*) “Very fine people on both sides”
(I should mention in all fairness that there is a context to this quote – he did explicitly say it did not apply to white supremacists. Just the people who love them.)
*) “Go ahead, punch him, I’ll pay your legal bills.”
*) “But you second amendment people could act, I don’t know” (meaning, Shoot hillary)

And of course, those are just the ones that immediately come to mind. Part of why I think republicans should feel deep shame is that, to “own the libs”, they elected someone that basically destroyed the country. He was always obviously a malignant narcissist, someone you shouldn’t trust with your car, much less the country. Then over and over, they fueled the fire, talking delightedly about “liberal tears” and “snowflakes”. Well, who’s the snowflake now? They can’t cope with losing a fair and free election and so they have to cheat, and if that doesn’t work to get out the guns.

I wish I could wash the memory of all the awful I’ve read from the right, starting with swastikas painted in gas station restrooms starting the day after he was elected, out of my mind.

The one bit of good news is presuming the number of violent insurrectionists that show up on the 20th in DC are inadequate to take over the government and lead us all directly into the living hell that would be a unchecked second term of Trump presidency (and a third, and fourth.. he’d be dictator for life and the USA would devolve into a unbelievable nightmare), most of the very worst Trumpers will all be in prison for attempted sedition and treason.

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