Neural networks and adaptability

So, I can’t get in the mind of someone who would enjoy violent acts, in general. I admit I haven’t really tried. I’ve only shot a gun a few times in my life, I’ve avoided first person shooters after they got to a certain level of realism where they were pressing on my empathy, and I don’t try and feed the occasional violent thought that I do have.

But I also get that we are *amazingly* flexible programmable systems. With just a few changes way back there in childhood, I’d likely be sitting with my finger on the button typing the launch codes. If we have any inherent morality or empathy, I don’t see signs of it in the disturbing behaviors of, for example, the ruling class of America – to whom, I am slowly coming to accept, I am a interchangable component to be strip-mined of any useful ideas, turned into a gearwheel and fit into the consumer-producer cycle, and then tossed aside. I’m not what they’re looking for – partially because I don’t think people in general should be having children, partially because I want to disband the economic system as it currently stands in favor of something that sucks less

Am I what *anyone’s* looking for? Well, increasingly I’m what *I’m* looking for. Sadly, the more this is true, the less I’m what anyone else is looking for. However, at least I did get some music recorded last night. I have this theory that the more of these throwaway tracks I write, the better I’m going to be when I sit down to do album work. It’s a strange way to work.. trying to write something every night, with less concern about quality than just about the experience of writing..

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  1. Firesong Says:

    That’s how a lot of writers do it. Write something every day. It’s certainly something beginning writers are encouraged to do, and I dont see why it would be different for another of the creative arts.

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