The other side of me

I’ve wanted for a while to do a song in the style of Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, and many others, where the words don’t really mean anything but seem like they should, and so the listener fills in part of the meaning and the song becomes as much about the listener as the original artist.

So, here’s a first attempt – I have a feeling I will be doing this type of thing again later in my career. I present, without further ado:

The Other Side Of Me

Bunne provided some assistance with mixdown – and may be presenting his own mix of the song – but otherwise, this is all me.

Note this later appeared on Believing Is Seeing.

2 Responses to “The other side of me”

  1. Swipes Says:

    I always enjoy seeing the evolution of songs. You were working on this song for quite a while. I wonder when the next album will come out.

  2. Swipes Says:

    I think you should have do more of this, quick notes explaining your inspiration for songs. I like seeing it from my favorite artists and I’m sure your future fans will as well.

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