Pride And Conviction

You stand here before me
Saying “Truth Is Absolute”, and yours is the one that’s true
I tell you that this can’t be
Because I don’t see things the way you do

You may think, my brother
That you’re the good side and they’re the evil ones
While your opposite number
Stands with pride and conviction in all that they’ve done

Any attempt to sway you
Will meet with nothing but a brick wall
Change is no longer an option
You will hold this belief, stand or fall


So what is about some knowledge
That makes us think it’s irreproachable, beyond disproof
What is it about our memories
That makes us think that we remember absolute truth


Dedicated to everyone in this election who thinks the other side might also be made up of thinking, feeling, capable beings.

Note this later appeared on Believing Is Seeing.

2 Responses to “Pride And Conviction”

  1. eaglesoars Says:

    A wonderful, timely piece!

  2. Daryl Says:

    Resonates with me…Left/Right, North/South. This is the ego.

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