No More Dead Wildcards

So, here’s a bit of movie soundtrack for you all. I like to think the triumphant ending is as the GOP is falling apart, the army and the police have been defunded, and we’re all melting down guns like Ringo Starr – we’ve finally figured out a religion that doesn’t make people get killed, all the Abrahamic religions are going down in flames, the ‘let’s lie to people and kill people so we can make more paper money that isn’t actually worth anything’ political crowd can’t find anyone to vote for them, and Donald Trump finally realizes how much damage he’s done and promises to never even try to lead a boy scout troop again, the people who value money over life have finally figured out that they’re making the world a worse place, and no one ever says again “The only good ____ is a dead _____”

Not likely. I’m sure my conservative friends will continue to defend the awfulness they vote for. But maybe in a movie, eh?

No More Dead Wildcards.

3 Responses to “No More Dead Wildcards”

  1. Firesong Says:

    Oh, I’m glad you’ve gotten back to composing. This one’s gorgeous. I love it.

  2. bunne Says:

    I’m not so much a conservative in the “rich, entitled prick who plays 18 holes every weekend” as more in the sense of believing that the “Let’s destroy it all and burn baby burn cause revolooshin, baybeee!” crowd are even more entitled pricks except they have no skills other than mayhem. : )

    P.S. This is seriously pretty.

    “There’s no real revolution, just power changing hands” – Badfinger

  3. Swipes Says:

    I seriously have no idea what you mean by Ringo Starr and melting guns. That said, my Sheer instrumentals folder has now gotten bigger.

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