House of the rising sun

Recently I realized that while I’ve played it many times live, I’ve never done a studio version of House Of The Rising Sun.. as it’s my favorite blues song to cover, I figured I should do something about that. is the result. I gotta say, I dig it. I haven’t decided if it’s going on the album yet or not.. perhaps you all can vote 😉

Complete credits:

Everything: Sheer (it reminds me of the Pump Up The Volume bit where Nora asks HHH “You did this?” “Me and Radio Shack”. Only it’s “Me and a multitrack deck..” )

Note this later appeared on Believing Is Seeing.

3 Responses to “House of the rising sun”

  1. Firesong Says:

    I vote yes.

  2. DH Says:

    I liked it, it gets played a lot but you put some new spin on it.

  3. CrystalFire Says:

    You haven’t just covered the song you have given it “Sheer Magic”

    It’s a yes from me!

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