Well, I always said I wasn’t smart.. ;_)

My IQ is 127, according to a cheesy online IQ test that I just took.

I think that’s not even sufficient to get me into MENSA.

I think I’m going to interpret this as proof that IQ isn’t everything, since the few people I know who were in MENSA couldn’t have done half the things I did today if their lives depended on it. 😉

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  1. l2g Says:

    Or you could interpret it as proof that the IQ test that you took sucks, which I think is more likely.

    You are right about Mensa, though. I think their cut-off is at least 130. But there are a number of tests for which they’re willing to accept results (some of which are not “IQ” tests).

  2. brassratgirl Says:

    Look look! another electric-vehicle interest person. That brings it up to, what, 14 people? And you live in Renton, too. Do we know you?

    (girlfriend of sheer_panic)
    (unofficial stalker of his journal)
    (and seattle resident)

  3. l2g Says:

    My girlfriend () and I are acquainted with Sheer through SEVA. We go to the meetings about every other month. He always seems to have the most interesting stuff to talk about. (I’d never have heard of NiZn batteries if it wasn’t for him!)

  4. brassratgirl Says:

    Ah. Small world, sort of. I thought you looked familiar. I should start going to meetings more.

  5. l2g Says:

    So you’ve been there? I’m not sure whether our paths have crossed. I could swear that every time we’ve been there, September was the only woman present.

  6. anonymous Says:

    Why do we continue to denigrate Bush for his intelligence or percieved lack thereof?

  7. sheer_panic Says:

    I don’t know.

    I no longer think that Bush is stupid, just evil.

    Or perhaps he’s intelligent, but has damaged his brain with certain drugs to the point where it no longer functions correctly. It’s possible to be very smart and still have types of brain damage that result in you making poor decisions.

    It’s hard to say. But most of my most recent criticisms of dubya have nothing to do with his mental abilities or lack therof.

  8. anonymous Says:

    Evil? Such a judgemental term. Good/evil, black/white, on/off, 1/0, and we live in an analog world the last time I checked, DA/AD converters notwithstanding. Where is your reference for evil anyway? I don’t think it’s grounded…might want to check where the black lead of that good/evil meter is connected.

    Regarding the drugs that [are thought to have] caused brain damage, presumably these are not drugs that you have used?

  9. sheer_panic Says:

    Okay, I’m going to take your points one at a time.

    First of all, while I generally try and avoid judging people, I feel perfectly legit in judging their public actions when they are spending my money and acting (in a global sense) in my name. In other words, if Bush were just some schmuck on the street, no, it wouldn’t be right for me to call him evil. But he’s not, he’s driving the ship marked ‘u.s.s. amerika’, and I feel that given that I do have the right to judge him.

    Maybe that feeling is incorrect.

    As far as the good and evil question – and this is where it gets very, very complicated inside my own head and I’m sure out there in the real world as well – some actions and thoughts strike me as having ‘wrongness’ inherent in them. Bush has performed many of those actions. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable when I say lying to the UN in a attempt to start a war is a act of evil – or branding large parts of the world as a ‘axis of evil’ and therefore increasing divisiveness – or killing a lot of innocent people over those lies – or any number of other bush actions that I could bring up.

    I could go on for a while. What is good? What is evil? These are questions just as hard as ‘what is quality?’ – questions which have driven far stronger and/or smarter people than I insane. I don’t know how I know that a action is evil, I just know. But I know it on such a fundamental level that I can’t really argue with the knowledge. Is that fanaticism? Probably. Should I keep it to myself? Probably. But this is my web log. It’s not like I dragged you here, anonymous commenter. You came and read it of your own free will.

    My reference for evil is grounded in who I am and what I do. Which does not mean I never do anything that I’d consider ‘evil’ – I’ve certainly done many things taht I think would come under that category. But I try to learn from them, learn how not to do them again, and move on. In any case, I understand where the black lead is hooked up and why. Do you? If not, are you just trying to pull me down to make yourself feel better? Or is there a actual point that you’re trying to get across?

    Good/evil measurements are always going to be subjective, I suppose, is part of your point. While I might see killing a innocent person as evil, other people might see it as a sacrifice to the greater good. (Although anyone who thinks that any government the U.S. sets up in place of the one it removed will be better had really better review what history has to say about that matter)

    I suppose everyone measures good and evil differently. But I think almost everyone measures them. I mean, I know I feel really bad after doing what I consider to be a ‘wrong’ act..

    I think you’d be more credible in what appears to be a criticism of me if you weren’t posting anonymously.

    As far as drugs – first of all, it takes a lot of any drug to do serious damage, and I think that anyone who knows me would agree that I haven’t used a lot of any drug. Second of all, no, I haven’t done large amounts of alchohol (the #1 brain killer with a bullet! ;-)) or any cocaine or any meth. In fact, of the ‘standard recreational controlled substances’ that I know of, I have done _two_ – and one of them only five times.

  10. anonymous Says:

    Get it right, it’s “ameriKKKa”.

  11. anonymous Says:

    If so I just got it to report an IQ of 124 by answering the true/false questions randomly.

    Not very accurate, methinks…

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