Every once in a while, a particular peice of ineptness and/or cluelessness comes close to pushing me over the edge.

Today’s story comes from the neighborhood radio shack.

I decide that I want to give wire-wrapping a try. I mean, what the hell, it’s quicker than soldering and you don’t burn your fingers as much, right?

So I go down to radio shack and buy some wire wrap and a wire wrap tool. I’ve never wire wrapped anything before in my life, so I look at the instructions on the back of the tool and try to follow them.

What I end up with is a broken stub of wire and a horrid mess.

I keep trying, though, and eventually I get to where i can wrap the wire around a pin, but it ends up wrapped around the tool..

At some point, I start getting a touch, um, suspicious, and instead of reading the directions, I follow common sense and do everything exactly the opposite of what the directions say.. and lo and behold, beautiful wire-wrapped joints result, every time, spin the tool, thank you, drive through.


You do NOT turn the tool clockwise! You do NOT stick the wire in from the back, you stick it in from the frount!


I mean, the directions were written in good english and all, they were just completely, utterly, totally wrong.

Is this radio shack’s idea of a joke?

Or do they maybe not want us to build anything?

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  1. anonymous Says:

    Either a left-handed person wrote the directions or they changed OEM’s on the tool without changing the directions.

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