Things to do for defcon tomorrow

1) Charge digital camera batteries
2) Clean out car
3) Insert seats in car
4) Investigate possibility of bringing keyboard. Weigh PITA against possible entertainment value
5) Go to bank (before 5p)
6) solder voltage regulators into MK3s and install CPUs..

To pack:

Radio charger
Radios (CB, 2 meter, FRS)
AVR programmer board
Video camera
video charger
Keyboard (?) and PC speakers (!)
Food [hit TJs for those Thai bowls!]

3 Responses to “Things to do for defcon tomorrow”

  1. jcurious Says:

    if your going to be doing portable music and have weight issues.. you realy aught to consider a light weight midi keyboard, laptop, usb-midi and good portable speakers (have you heared how much punch the right small speakers can cary nowadays?).

  2. brassratgirl Says:

    1) run in circles
    2) scream and shout

    I’m about done with my list.. call me at work if you want me to go to the bank .. your clothes are half packed; you need 2 pair jeans and some tshirts still (all clean, downstairs) I can do when I come home. I’m aiming for 5p.
    love you

  3. brassratgirl Says:

    oh, and get me something crunchy and lowfat at tjs, eh? thanx

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