The weekend’s adventures, and other matters of note..

Well, I was going to update this yesterday, but exhaustion got in the way.

I’ve more or less finished phase 1 of the project I’m working on.. so now I’m trying to find the energy to put into one of the twenty or so other projects that I’m juggling. There’s the temptation to just lay in bed reading or something..

But I digress.

This weekend definately rocked.. I worked friday late into the day, then slept, woke up @ 10p, talked to P. for a bit, then got in the car and headed on down to Oregon for Fire (‘let’s have fun’), and had a really, really great time.

It was so old skool it practically needed a DJ spinning 8 tracks.. there was house, and trance, and psytrance, and D&B, and every type of electronica you could ask for. There were happy ravers running all over, and the vibe was definately there, at least for me. I had a li’l trouble getting over my fear of talking to people, as always, but every time I did, I was rewarded with another great person, well worth meeting.

I’ve noticed there are very few republican ravers. I wonder why this is? 😉

It was so awesome, watching the sun come up over (1000? 1500? 2000? 2400? _a lot_) all the ravers encamped in the ampatheatre. I kept thinking, this one’s gotta get busted.. but no, it didn’t. It didn’t draw one cop as far as I coudl tell.. probably too far out into the middle of nowhere for all of them.

And, I brought my own tiny contribution, a pair of 450s.. next time, more watts shall I haul.. 😉 and I’m coming way, way earlier. Before sunset, for sure.

And they say Hempfest is coming up, and if I can figure out how to get there on the bike, I’m definately going.. seems like this thing never ever ever slows down..

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