Do people learn from other people’s mistakes? Do people even learn from their _own_ mistakes?

Okay, so, the last couple of days i spent making a frantic run to Berkeley to unscrew the inscrutable. Luckily, the inscrutable has been unscrewed and I have headed back home to Seattle, although it put me a touch behind on everything. But that’s the way things go sometimes.

I haven’t had any huge relevations lately.. although at Fire, a rave I went to southeast of portland which I may or may not have mentioned, I did have a wonderful time, and come to a acceptance that it was just fine to have a wonderful time – and, as long as it’s done in moderation, just fine to enjoy some of the fine chemicals our boys in blue have deemed illegal..

I mean, I have this long standing question out for my mother.. why is drug use (as opposed to abuse/addiction/etc) immoral? She’s not yet been able to answer, but I think for the longest time I had this hangup that I was doings omething wrong (since after all they keep telling you in school, Say No To Drugs.. and the cops would put me away because our society has laws against it, etc, yada yada)

But, as I’ve known intellectually for a while now and am just starting to realize emotionally, our society is a ass, and one should pay just enough attention to it to avoid getting caught. I mean, this is the same overaching organization that thinks it’s okay to tell a bunch of lies to start a war..

Laws are made by politicians, who are by and large evil and not trustworthy. I mean, yes, there are a few good oens.. but te job tends to attract slime. Hence, why worry about laws? Worry about doing good and not doing bad, yes. Worry about laws, no.

Anyway, so I actually managed to completely cut myself loose from anything like guilt for the first time ever.. and just had a wonderful time. I had to get back to Seattle for band prac, unfortunately, so I had to leave early (10a), but..

It’s amazing how things come togeather, though. Because of Fire, I was already on days when I had to run down to Berkeley.. [where their number one problem was a inability to read the minimum system requirements page of the manual.. heh.]

Anyway, the band is doing well.. I’ve ordered a *nice* active PA system [two mackie 1232s and 4 1801s], and need to put the old one up on Craigslist. Probably will ask for $300 each for the 18″ bass bins, $200 each for the amps, and $150 each for the fender tops, and $25 each for the piezo horn clusters. I’m keeping the madisons and the QSC..

More later

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