The secret lives of Walter Mitty

Is it wrong to pretend to be a rock star?

I’ve always wondered – I mean, I have the PA – the number of watts requisite.. and now a intelligent lighting system –

and I wonder, is it so in my mind I can pretend to be what I always wanted to be, but actually have not enough talent for?

[Of course, that last point is also somewhat open to debate.. as I practice more and more, I get better and better.. and someday maybe I’ll be good enough to have people want to go see me. On the other hand, I can’t imagine after going to see Simon & Garfunkel and the Indigo Girls that I’ll ever be in their league.. ]

So yes, I think there is a tinge of walter mitty in my overly electronic basement. But there are worse ways to entertain yourself. My hobby hurts no one.. and while it might be a drain on the bank account, the truth of the matter is it’s not that big of one. I figure I spend a average of $4000 a year on music equipment. I probably spend a average of 45 minutes a day playing. That’s 273 hours a year, divide by $4000 and you find my hobby costs me $14 a hour. A bit more than the movies, but not a lot more.

And it gets more entertaining all the time, too. Most hobbies get steadily more boring the more time I put into them.. but this, the more I do, the more fun it is..

Ron is gonna shit when he sees my new badass lighting set-up. 😉

Practice in real-world conditions!

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