More concerts..

Well, last night me and went to see the Indigo Girls. It was lovely – they seem to have gotten over their avante-guarde period, and all their new material was beautiful and much of it quite meaningful as well. And they played lots of old favorites, including Galleleo, Closer To Fine, Chicken Man, Power of Two, Least Complicated..

Indigo Girls music is just amazing in how much wisdom it packs – how much experience – how universal it is to all of us. [Or nearly all of us].

The night before, we went to see Peices of April – this is a _wonderful_ movie – anyone from Gen X will recognize April – we’ve all known someone like her – and the movie alters between hilarious and heartbreaking as it follows her travails through trying to set up a thanksgiving dinner for her estranged mother. Mostly, it just seems so – real. All the charicters – including the sister who you just want to strangle – are right out of everyday life – and, a very compelling story.

Went to see it at the movie theatre with the killer popcorn flavorings, and noticed this time that on the bottom of the box was a URL – so I ordered myself some ranch popcorn flavoring! 😉 [for those of you who were curious, see]

And, the first of my intelligent / DMX lights got here. Of course, without a controller my ability to do interesting things with it is sort of limited, but it’s amazingly cool how it can cover most of a room with it’s moving beam and wander through colors and shapes.

One thing I didn’t expect – although I guess I should have – is how _bright_ the thing is. For some reason I was thinking 250W isn’t very much in the way of lighting.. and this may be true when you’re doing area lighting, but when you’re focusing it on a single very small beam, well.. let’s just say looking into the apeture is a bad idea. 😉

Next week should be interesting – arriving will be my boss for the parking meter project, who will be staying here – and while he’s here, I expect large piles of boxes will arrive – several intelligent lighting fixtures, lasers, fog machines, speakers, amplifiers – he’s gonna think I’m setting up a rave or something.

I should do that..

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