The playlist meme

The deal: You’re supposed to guess what song and band they’re from and post your answers as comments. Since I didn’t have a playlist loaded, I picked from recent and old favorites instead. Some of these are easy, some are quite tricky indeed..

1) I can feel it coming, days are getting longer, hearts are getting closer, love is getting stronger..

2) But if the weather holds, I’ll have missed the point.. that’s where I need to go

3) [trick question] Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve accomplished much conflict so there can be further destruction. WE’ve created raging disease and persistant poverty on a massive scale in Iraq

4) I dream of fire, Elaine.. Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never die..

5) I can’t wear any uniform without some compromises.. because you’ll find out that we come in different shapes and sizes

6) Yah, the settlers laugh.. you won’t be laughing when your covered wagons crash..

7) Some rich men came and raped the land.. nobody caught ’em.. put a bunch of ugly boxes, and jesus, people bought em

8) But I don’t think it’s coincidence, and I don’t believe in accidents, it’s time to ask ourselves.. why are we still here?

9) I said the tragedy is how you’re going to spend the rest of your nights with the light on – so shine the light on all of your friends, well, it all amounts to nothing in the end..

10) Remember how they taught you.. how much of it was fear.. refuse to hand it down.. the legacy stops here

11) Those creatures jumped the barracades, and are headed for the sea..

12) Hear my words taht I might teach you, take my arms that I might reach you..

13) I don’t even try to explain I just hold on tight and if it happens again I might move so slightly to the arms and the lips and the face of the human cannonball that I need to, I want to..

14) I blame you for the moonlit sky, and the dream that died with the eagle’s flight..

15) To touch is to heal, to hurt is to steal, if you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel…

16) And I believe that we’ll conceive to make in hell for us a heaven a brave new world a promised land a fortitude of hearts and minds..

17) That’s when I asked her where was that actress.. she said, ‘That was somebody else’.. then I asked her why she looked so happy.. she said ‘at last I like myself’

18) They have no mission, they have no passion But they dare to tell us what’s bad and what’s good!

19) Don’t compromise.. you don’t live my life.. and I don’t judge you, when I look in your eyes

20) I want to know what that’s got to do, with what it takes to find out what’s true, with everyone from the president on down trying to keep it from you

7 Responses to “The playlist meme”

  1. anghouedd Says:

    3. This is you, your song about Bush. I’m pretty sure.
    8. Still Here — Information Society
    9. Remedy — not sure who by
    13. I Want You — Savage Garden
    15. Mysterious Ways — U2

  2. rarkrarkrark Says:

    1) I’m pretty sure this is a Rush song. I don’t recall which one, however.

    2) Indigo Girls Wood Song (I think that’s the name. I’m too lazy to check)

    8) InSoc — (Why are we) Still here

    10) legacy, erm…don’t recall who does it

    14) I can hear this one in my head, but don’t recall the name or artist
    15) U2 – Mysterious ways


  3. don_diego Says:

    I’m a lyric whore, so I consider 10/20 a failing mark. Then again, your tastes are a bit broader than mine…

    1) USE – Emerald City
    3) Sheer – Monkey Boy
    4) Sting – Desert Rose
    7) Eagles – The Last Resort
    9) Jason Mraz – The Remedy
    10) Melissa Etheridge – Silent Legacy
    11) REM – Belong
    12) Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence
    15) U2 – Mysterious Ways
    20) Jackson Browne – For America

  4. sheer_panic Says:

    You got ‘Belong’ – even P., who is a rabid REM fan, had never heard the song. I’m impressed. [It’s my favorite REM song]

  5. don_diego Says:

    Are you kidding? It’s right after “Shiny Happy People” on Out of Time – which is the only REM album I own. That’s comparable to a rabid U2 fan never having heard “Running to Stand Still”.


  6. jcurious Says:

    3: I’ve heard this as a remix of bush’s state of the union speech…
    17: harry chapin’s sequel 😉

  7. heidianna Says:

    9. The Remedy – Jason Mraz
    12. Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkle funkel? I dunno 🙂
    15. Mysterious ways – U2

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