Scary, it is.

I was just looking at some republican/conservative propiganda. ( – they must be kidding. Why is it the republicans are always talking about freedom as they lock up those using their first amendment rights?)

I don’t see how anyone.. liberal, conservative, or otherwise, can vote for bush. I mean, we all know now – he lied to start a war. He ignored the largest protests in history. He’s signing away the bill of rights, he was friends with a man who stole millions from honest workers, his vice president owns stock in a company that makes electronic voting machines guaranteed to lose your vote (if you don’t vote for him ;-)).

But it’s oh so important to stop the tax-and-spend liberals that if we have to vote for pure evil to do it, we will..

Wake up, republicans. There are times when the lesser of the two evils doesn’t belong to your party..

Well, the good news for all of you conservatives out there who keep saying ‘if you don’t like it, leave’.. if Bush gets re-elected, I will.

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