Okay, so I find myself, though jcurious [I really should learn what the link format for people’s journals is] running into the journals of a whole lot people that I know.

This has good sides and bad sides. The good side is that I get to catch up, at least somewhat, on their lives. The bad side is that I get to find out what they made and make of my reactions to them and vice versa.

And, as usual, they think I suck. 😉

I should probably come to terms with sucking sooner or later.. the problem is that inwardly, deep down, I don’t want to suck. I still have some teenage compulsion to be ‘cool’ – long after there’s any hope of coolness, and long after I should have come to terms with the fact that there’s really not much point to being cool anyway..

I should just go about my business, try to survive and keep myself entertained. Maybe kill off a few more brain cells in some creative ways..

I don’t know.

Oh, and to friends of mine, please sign up for a account at, I’ll be locking it down soon and then you won’t be able to. 😉

On other related annoyance note, my second set of 30Gbyte maxtors seems to have gone the way of my first set – i.e. two of the drives have gone tits-up. Now this is getting sad and pathetic. When a set of warantee replacement drives does the same thing the original drives did – i.e. 2 out of the four drives fail – that’s just.. hrm.. pathetic? Sad? I wasn’t even pushing them that hard.

I’ll call maxtor warantee support and see what (if anything) they have to say. My option at this point is to either stop using maxtor altogeather, or get a replacement set of drives that is *not* from the 30Gbyte line.


2 Responses to “Strange..”

  1. jcurious Says:

    I have come to terms with my dorkyness… you are who you are… you and I are members of the Dorkus class.. sure.. if we realy wanted to we could leave that class but it would mean investing a large amount of time in things we aren’t intrested.. shrugs.. anyways…

    use the FAQ luke

  2. gekko Says:

    Well, speaking of random old people and all that, I just added you to my friends list, so that at the very least I can spy on your life…or something…Anyways, this is the old Technicolor =) (and wow, thats a name that I think only Curious refers to me as anymore lol)

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